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Nora is here!

6#4oz with smooth sailing through labor and delivery. Mom and mom are happily home and after a rough first night are settling in. Pics on FB.


If the Clapper now comes with a switch, doesn't that just make it ... a light?


I can't believe my planner wiped itself out. I've lost ALL of my appointments. ALL of my contacts. ALL of my texts. Not retrievable. Eaten, eaten. eaten. I'm going to go throw myself off of something.

Yes I should have backed it up. It ate itself while I was trying to back it up. Fuck the techmology.

Bacon for everyobdy!

I love The Sneeze and today's post is one of the many reason's why:



Bridge collapses in Minneapolis. I'm fine. Ken's fine. Megan's fine. News all over the place. Love y'all.


I am currently watching the laziest dog on the planet LAY next to his bowl and eat.

I'm Auntie - Again - Squared

Kate's twins arrived Thursday April 5 around supper time. Rose and Sienna are very healthy and already nursing like champs. They came just shy of 36 weeks. Sienna is almost 2 pounds bigger than Rose but they are identical genetically - Rose will just need to catch up in growth. Mom and babies should all be going home Sunday or Monday.



Ding Dong the la la la ....

my loans are paid off.

My loans are paid off!


After a rough total of $200,000 in principal accrued mostly at the feet of Loyala University Stritch School of Medicine and compounded as punishment during residency, the loans, they are dead.

Strange happenings in California

Woot! Writing from beautiful San Diego and the historic Hotel del Coronado (I'm so watching Some Like It Hot again when we get back) to see the aminals at the local zoo are acting up.
Seriously. Capeman and I are touristing along at the Wild Animal Park giving the gorillas their due attention when one of them saunters over to another and sticks its finger up the other's back end. Just a casual slow motion -poke- in the rump. I can tell you we are like children and can't get over the funniness of apes poking each other in the butt. Fits of giggles. The other guy was a bit abashed and went off to sulk in a cave. We were laughing harder than at a fart in church. We should have more time off so we can develop a more grown up sense of humor. Sheesh.


So we came upon a long, long line at the airport in New Orleans and we finally get up to the electronic check-in monitors to get our boarding passes only to be rejected most cruelly by them. Initially it took my credit card as ID no problem. THEN it wanted my confirmation number which I normally don't worry about but did indeed have with me, so I fed it the information. Then it informed me that it couldn't check me in earlier than 24 hours before my flight or later than 10 minutes before my flight. This made no sense because we had minimum of an hour to spare before the scheduled departure. WTF? So I look at my printout of our flight info to confirm the numbers, flight times, etc and realize that I had booked us to leave on the THIRTEENTH. For clarification, if needed, this is YESTERDAY. This is the shit that my anxiety dreams are made of and it has come to pass.
Happily the agent at the counter was the best person ever in the universe, assured me that this type of thing happens all the time, and swiftly rebooked us for today, charged us no fee, and even made a point to book us seats next to each other. The universe needs to bake that man cookies, dude.