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Construction zone update

I haven't mentioned it here, but we've been having a little work done on our house. By a little, I mean making the house structurally sound. I've been wanting to do the kitchen for almost as long as we've lived here, but someone I live with has insisted that we do thing properly and work from a solid base up.

So far we have had
The rotting front porch dismantled, new footings poured and a new porch remantled. Capeman and I decided to throw in some labor of our own and took a very long weekend to prime 144 spindles. It appears they've only needed half of them, so now we need a project that uses 50-60 pre-primed spindles. Ideas?

The rotted siding on the north face of the house replaced. During this phase it was discovered that you could poke a hole with your finger from the outside of the house right into our dining room. Also the windows had no headers. We lost a window to rot and now have a shiny new one to the tune of extra$$, but at least no more leaking.

The south face of the house has less rot, so needed fewer pieces of siding replaced. But then we turn the corner of the house... At this corner was once a back porch on both the first and second floors. At some point, previous owners enclosed both of these as full time interior spaces. This produced our lovely sun porch and the much expanded space in the kitchen. Between the first and second floor was still a faux roof overhang or "eyebrow" over the back corner. Our construction folks tried to advocate for simplicity and just getting rid of it, but we liked the detail so we asked them to dismantle the existing and reconstruct one that doesn't sag and make the house look like it is dipping precariously.

This is where we find that the only thing holding up the second and third floors is a rotting 2x4. Empty space for 10 feet+ on either side of the corner. Nothing. Nada. Happy to say that there is now actual framing in place and we won't awake some night to the corner of our house falling off. The other bit of wonder enginerring (I think I'll keep that typo) is the foundation at the corner base of the house. Here we have a sturdy looking 4x4 beam atop a cement footing. Problem is that the beam doesn't really touch the ground. It can in fact be moved 3-4 inches with just a pinkie finger. Aack. It appears the first floor was held up by the decorative trim around the bottom. Heh. This is being remedied as well.

I hesitate to say it, but we're nearing the end of major work and it seems unlikely we'll have such exciting discoveries in the future. We've talked to a/the painter guy who will start next week doing the scraping prep work for 3 stories of wood siding. We're looking at replacing some more windows - principally the ones on the sun porch. The current ones leak something terrible between the panes. We'll do double hung windows to match the rest of the house. Should be very cool. Expensive, but cool.

Capeman has declared that there shall be no new kitchen until we pay off the exterior work, so that means several years of the stupid current kitchen. I have threatened to have him come home one day to find the interior of the kitchen ripped out and on the lawn. I've been placated thus far with the go-ahead for a porch swing. It has arrived and been assembled, but awaits hanging (not in the death row kind of way). There will be happy pictures of me swinging in the near future. I'll post some progress pics when I get a chance.


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Apr. 21st, 2006 07:01 pm (UTC)

We've thought about doing this as well. I just feel bad on several levels:

1. I feel like a slave owner. "You! Clean that toilet!"
2. I feel like it is way too much of a luxury. I spend too much time watching useless TV and aimlessly surfing, paying money so I have more free time seems wrong.
3. Sometimes spending money is hard for me. While I can occasionally spew more cash than a lobbyist, I have a strong cheap streak in me. Paying to do something I can obviously do seems wrong.

Oddly, these feelings are only towards myself. At least one of my brother's has a house cleaner and I only think, "Great idea! I should do that. Oh wait..."

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